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Putting Nature First

Fusing Great Design With Our Devotion To A Sustainable And Environmentally Friendly Future.


Welcome to Tiny Candle Co and our wonderful collection of home fragrances, each lovingly hand crafted and expertly designed to stimulate your scenes and refresh your home. Our collections have been inspired by our favourite fruits, scents and aromas and are made using strictly natural, sustainable and environmental friendly ingredients. Click on each collection to explore...



Our Ingredients Are Sourced From Strictly Certified Sustainable Producers.



Our Products And Their Ingredients Are Fair Trade And Have Never Been Tested On Animals.



We Only Make Environmentally Friendly Products Using the Most Eco-Friendly Ingredients.


A Wonderful Candle With An Amazing Smell. 

Siobhan Kasper

A Great Candle And A Fantastic Idea, Love Their Rainforest Promise.

Debbie Holley

A Beautiful Candle That Smells Amazing And Looks Fantastic!

Katie Brown

Our Rainforest Promise

Our promise to help save the rainforest.

At Tiny Candle Co, we are passionate about the environment. We wholly believe that our products fuse our sentiment for great design with our devotion to ensuring our products are both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

It is our belief that every product should minimise its impact on the environment and where a supply chain cannot be altered, we have a responsibility to fund projects that offset our inability to ensure complete environmental parity.

That's why we pledge that for every 100 Tiny Candle Co products we sell we will purchase 1 acre of rainforest land through our friends at the World Land Trust. This will protect this vital ecosystem from deforestation and poaching ensuring its future survival for generations to come.


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