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The Myth That Is Soy

Presently the UK does not require or enforce any form of standardised labelling of soy candles, therefore, any claims of ingredients or benefits are left up to the discretion of the soy candle maker.

This makes navigating through the soy candle industry a minefield when seeking or considering whether soy candles are as safe and environmental alluring as they claim.

We have therefore written this post to explain soy wax and dispel any myth that soy wax is harmful to you and yours.

To date, soy wax has only ever been manufactured in the US this means both Europe and Asia have yet to develop a soy wax industry of its own. Whilst this has little effect on the overall quality of the wax it does mean there are a limited amount of soy wax suppliers. In fact, to date, only four manufacturers have mastered the art of soy wax manufacturing all of which are US based companies.

Of these four companies, all have confirmed that their soy wax is solvent extracted from Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) soy seed which is commercially farmed with pesticides and insecticides.

Whilst soy is natural and sustainable it cannot be deemed organic due to the method in which it is cultivated. Therefore any company that claims their soy wax is 100% organic is, unfortunately, fibbing. Natural yes but organic it can’t be.

Having said that not all of the soy wax manufacturers uses 100% GMO soy seed.

It is estimated that around 90 percent of soybeans produced in the United States and used in the soy wax making process are derived from genetically modified materials. As a result it is very difficult to discern what is and what isn’t organic material.

In order to ensure no Genetically Modified Materials (GMM) is used in the manufacturing of Tiny Candle Co soy wax, we have specifically manufactured our soy wax so as to remove the presence of pesticides, herbicides or GMM. Whilst this is not a prerequisite for safety it is the belief of Tiny Candle Cos that we take every precaution in ensuring the safety of our product and the environment This renders our product as

At this point, I should point out the difference between GMO and GMM. In a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) it is the DNA that is modified, this is located in the protein of the soybean and NOT in the oil. Even though the oil may have come in some part from GMO soybeans. Our proprietary processes remove's the GMO material, and the resulting oil that we continue to work with in order to create our wax is exactly as nature intended it to be.

In other words, Tiny Candle Co manufacturing process prodcues a wax that is derived from exactly the same as oil that would be produced by an organic soybean. This process has been verified and confirmed to be 100% effective by experienced third party accredited laboratory.

So in short, yes, soy candles are safe.