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Where Can I Buy Soy Candles?

Well luckly enough you’re in the right place.

If you’re searching for soy candles, a green alternative to your current candle collection, or a candle company that puts the environment at the heart of its business then look no further than Tiny Candle Co.

We have around 23 differing, yet oh so fragrant, candles for you to try. From our fresh floral collection to our juicy fruity collection we are confident we have the right candle to suit your tastes.

All of our Tiny Candle Co candles are hand poured right here in Royal Tunbridge Wells, England and are of the utmost in quality and environmental stewardship.

Every single candle made by us is produced using 100% natural essential oils, recycled paper and organic cotton wicks and is produced using 100% renewable energy, sourced solely from wind, solar and wave. This not only creates a fantastic smelling candle but one you can rest assured has the environment at its heart.

From the beginning, we have and will continue to put the environment at the heart of every decision we make. This ties largely in with our beliefs that our environmental impact should play a significant role in our decision making but also the fact that paraffin candles have many adverse side effects known specifically as one of the leading indoor air pollutants causing respiratory cancers after prolonged use.

As advocates of healthy living, we couldn’t bear the thought of our candles causing anything but warmth and joy so we made a promise that we would only create a product that is 100% natural in every which way we could.

To ensure this article is not completely biased I will point out there are, of course, other vendors that sell candles in and around Tunbridge Wells however we wholeheartedly believe that Tiny Candle Co has a product that not only smells fantastic (soy wax has a much better scent throw than paraffin) but is genuinely good for the environment.

Finally, if that hasn’t convinced you that we really do care about the environment and the impact our soy candle has on it, we have created our rainforest promise. It’s our promise to our customers that ensures that we remain as green fingered as we can possibly be.

Our promise is that we will, without hesitation, purchase areas of endangered rainforest land through our friends at The World Land Trust. This not only ensures the future survival of this amazing eco-system but it ensures each and every candle we make is absolutely 100% carbon neutral.

From our eco-friendly soy candles to our rainforest promise we are doing our absolute best to bring you a candle that genially cares about your health and the environment.

We know we aren’t perfect and there are certainly areas must still improve upon! In the meantime, I hope I have managed to answer your question of where you can buy soy candles.

For more information on any of our products please do drop us an instant message or an email at info@tinycandleco.co.uk