About Us – Tiny Candle Co

About Us

Welcome to TinyCandleCo®, the creators of beautiful handmade environmental friendly home fragrances.

TinyCandleCo® was born out of the sheer frustration and the desire to create an eco-friendly, health orientated luxury brand made using ONLY 100% natural, eco-friendly and sustainable ingredients.

Our mission was simple: to fuse the design, quality and appeal of a luxury brand with our overwhelming desire to produce a product that whole heartedly puts the environment at the centre of the brand.

It’s this mission that drives us and everything we do and to date, has resulted in the creation of our gorgeous eco-friendly, natural home fragrances that not only look and smell fantastic but they make us feel fantastic, which we feel is even more important.

In creating TinyCandleCo®, a brand that cares so deeply about its ethical roots, its sustainability and its environmental impact, we have inadvertently aligned our philosophy with those who are seeking a luxury green alternative that can actively replace the more traditional, less environmentally-friendly choices.

It’s this alignment that has helped focus our products and our mantra ensuring our products remain the most eco-friendly, earth-friendly and luxurious on the market.

We have spent countless hours researching, testing and testing again in order to create a truly wonderful product. We have carefully selected ingredients that are of the purest most natural form guaranteeing absolutely that the environment comes first.

As such, our TinyCandleCo® candles are made using only 100% natural soy wax, equally natural and sustainable pure essential oils and are fashioned using only 100% clean, green renewable energy.

To guarantee we are as environmentally mindful as we can possibly be, we have pledged to purchase areas of endangered rainforest land as a way of offsetting the portions of our business that don’t meet our high standards. We have called this our Rainforest Promise and we are very proud of it.

All this ensures our products not only look and smell fantastic but are amongst the most sustainable, eco-minded and gorgeous home fragrances on sale in the UK today.