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We’ve notice that a lot of our customers like to visit our FAQ page and that got us thinking. What would you like to know about us?

We’ve put together a few points that we thing you may be interested in below.

If we haven’t answered your question or you want to know more about our products, our ethical position, our delivery method, in fact absolutely any questions that pops into your mind, please feel free to email us at info@tinycandleco.co.uk or use our chat feature.


Who Are We

At Tiny Candle Co, we are passionate about the environment and wholly believe that we can fuse great design and great product with a sustainable and environmentally-conscious ethos.

We believe that all businesses big and small have a responsibility to ensure that their companies trade not only ethically but in an environmentally conscious manner.

Our belief is that every product should minimise its impact on the environment and where a supply chain cannot be altered, companies have a responsibility to fund projects that offset their inability to ensure complete environmental parity.

From the product's ingredients to packaging and from the energy consumed in production to the recycling of waste, there are solutions that can minimise the impact of each and every company ensuring the future of our planet is as pleasant as we found it.

At Tiny Candle Co, our mission and philosophy is aligned with that of our consumers who want green products to replace more traditional ones that are less friendly towards the environment and their health.

We have gone to great lengths to source the most sustainable ingredients we could find and we are pleased to say that by purchasing any Tiny Candle Co candle you are choosing to support the environment.

From the 100% naturally derived soy wax to carbon offsetting through rainforest purchasing, we believe we have a product that not only looks and smells great but that is as environmentally friendly as we can possibly make it.

We believe that we have a product that not only respects the environment but ensures its continued survival for generations to come.


Our Wax

All Tiny Candle Co candles are made using good old-fashioned, farm-grown soybeans to create our environmentally friendly wax with only a very small amount of carefully selected natural and sustainable botanical oils used to aid in the performance of our candles.

Our soy wax is made using soybeans direct from U.S. farms only. This means we are not only able to trace each and every candle wax origins but we can reassuringly say that our soy wax is 100% renewable and sustainable!

Every candle we make uses our unique soy wax that has been specifically manufactured so as to remove any presence of pesticides, herbicides or Genetically Modified Materials (GMM). This process has been verified and confirmed to be 100% effective by an experienced third party accredited laboratory. As such, all Tiny Candle Co soy candles are guaranteed to contain NO petroleum, paraffin, animal or beeswax products. Furthermore, every single ingredient used in the manufacturing of our soy wax meets the United States Food and Drug Administration and Kosher Certification criteria.

To reassure our customers that no contaminates every make its way into the production of our soy wax, every kilo of Tiny Candle Co soy wax is analysed in a state of the art laboratory at least 75 different times to assure its absolute quality.

We have built a fantastic supply chain with our soy suppliers who are all family farms that have operated for multiple generations across hundreds of years and what they don’t know about farming soy isn’t worth knowing! As a result, when you buy a Tiny Candle Co candle you are indirectly supporting sustainable agriculture.

As all our soy wax derives from 100% natural resources, our suppliers can replace all of their crops without damaging the ecosystem at a rate comparable or faster to the rate of consumption and since our soy wax is completely biodegradable, when you use soy wax, you’re encouraging plants to be grown, farm communities to flourish, and the Earth to be renewed.


Our Fragrances

All our fragrances are made using therapeutic grade essential oils, which we guarantee are 100% pure essential oil.

All of our fragrance oils have not and do not contain any animal derived ingredients and we do not test on animals, period!

We understand that the process in which our essential oils are derived can sometimes spark many a question as it is widely known that all essential oils are typically produced by harvesting and distilling large amounts of various types of plant matter.

We understand that this practice may seem against our environmental values but we fear the alternative synthetic chemical fragrances used by other candle manufacturers are far more dangerous to both the environment and the end-users' health. For that reason, we have decided the best, safest and healthiest option is the use of essential oils.

Whilst we understand this may be upsetting to some, we have vowed that for every 100 candles sold we will purchase 1 acre of endangered rainforest ensuring its protection.

We would also like to assure our customers that we are actively seeking to work with Cropwatch, a non-profit organisation that keeps tabs on the natural aromatics industry, ensuring that we only create candles using essential oils that are in abundance and not registered on their endangered list.

We are also seeking to verify the sustainable source of each of our fragrance's oils to ensure the harvest and cultivation of the crops involved with the manufacture of the oils are both fair trade and where possible organically cultivated and only sourced from sustainable sources.


Our Energy Consumption

Creating candles doesn’t require that much energy, however, we have decided that the energy we do use must come from a trusted renewable source that’s why we purchase our energy from Ecotricity, the UK’s first and only 100% green energy provider.

We understand that conventional electricity is responsible for 30% of Britain’s carbon emissions this puts it at the top of the pile as being the biggest single source of carbon emissions in Britain today.

By purchasing our energy from Ecotricity we are ensuring that every bit of energy that goes into each and every candle we make is derived from either wind, solar or sea via wave generators.


Our Packaging

In 2013, around 156.9 kg of packaging waste was generated per person in the EU alone! We hate packaging but we equally understand that our wonderfully scented candles could not reach you in a safe and protected manner via any other method. As such, we have done our best to ensure that our packaging is 100% recyclable, is created from rainforest alliance safe materials and uses as many recycled materials as possible.

We aren’t going to lie here and say we have the perfect packaging solution, there are always areas we can improve on and we constantly seeking new forms of glues and ink that are 100% sustainable and biodegradable. We feel this is still unacceptable on our behalf and therefore, have included this as part of our rainforest promise, that is to say, we will purchase acres of threatened rainforest land, via the Woodland Trust, in order to offset our downfalls.

That being said, we have achieved a great deal with our packaging ensuring the product looks great but is at heart environmentally conscious.


Our Rainforest Promise

Whilst it may seem like we have covered all the bases we have to admit that we aren’t in complete control of our supply chain. For example, our wax is delivered to us from the USA on large ocean liners then to us using Britain’s road transport system.

We understand that at each stage of the delivery process, our carbon footprint is something we just cannot control.

We also admit that part of our fragrance extraction requires us to collect certain plants and products that have their own ecosystem such roses and lavender. We understand that by collecting and growing large swaths of these plants that we inadvertently affect the ecosystem surrounding the plant and therefore extracting the essential oil used in our candles has its own environmental impact.

Because of this, we have agreed with our friends at the Woodland Trust that we will purchase 1 acre of rainforest land for every 100 candles sold on Tinycandleco.co.uk. This will help us to offset the areas we cannot control and in return, we hope to protect the rainforest from deforestation and poaching ensuring the future protection of this vital ecosystem.

We understand this is not a perfect solution but we feel this is a good start, that is until future technology advancements can help us achieve complete environmental parity.


Our Future

We aren’t perfect, no company is, but we are trying our best to bring you a product we hope you will love, at the same time ensuring our business is not only ethical and environmentally conscious but seen as a fabulous designer brand.

We are always seeking new and better ways to create our products and hope that one day we can even deliver them to your door using 100% green transportation.

Until that day comes we will keep investing in our packaging and production methods in order to continue to cut out the last few gremlins and ensure that every Tiny Candle Co candle is carbon footprint-free and environmentally proficient.

As we grow as a company we will continue to invest in our rainforest promise as well as look at ways we can reduce our energy consumption and carbon footprint through the use of our own renewable energy generation and storage.

Our aim is to work with local farmers and hopefully bring to the UK the process of soy wax production, in turn, lowering our carbon footprint.

We aim to encourage our future employees to use a sustainable mode of transport with our Managers and Directors expected to set that example though the use of electric vehicles that we hope we can one day charge at our production facility.

Ensuring Tiny Candle Co is as environmentally friendly as we can possibly be is an ongoing challenge and one that we whole heartily are up for.

If you would like to know more about any of our products or have any questions please feel free to contact us using any of the methods listed on the contact us section of our website.